Wireless Driveway Alarm

When choosing the best living space, security is always a primary concern. And speaking of safety, if you are thinking of your security system within your property, the driveway is major consideration for many property owners. And to ensure that you and your loved ones will feel even more secured even when no one is around the house, installing a driveway alarm is necessary.

Choosing the best alarm will depend on several elements, including the level of protection you that you would like to have, your budget for the security device, and other personal preferences.

Wireless Driveway Alarm

And when it comes to options, there is a wide range of variations in features that are available in the market today. This allows buyers to choose according to personal preferences. Note, however, that the more advanced the system is, the higher the cost of the device will be.

What Makes a Wireless Driveway Alarm System a Necessity for Every Homeowner?

A driveway alarm system will detect motion within its camera range and makes it easy to monitor either vehicular or human traffic entering your driveway. Such a monitoring device may also be designed to work with radio alarms, lights and other surveillance equipment that may already be installed in the property. The best wireless driveway alarm is one that requires minimum maintenance as it is likewise easy to install.

A wireless driveway alarm system is usually made up of two parts — the sensor and the radio receiver. The sensor is installed close to the entrance but not to be clearly visible location of the driveway. During installation, the distance between the receiver and the sensor should not go beyond the specified limits set by the product manufacturer. Whenever a moving object passes through the way of the beam of the sensor, a radio signal is sent to the receiver which activates the alarm.

The best driveway alarms are designed with a sensor that detects metallic objects only. This ensures that the alarm will not ring if an animal enters the driveway. This type of alarms requires small batteries or solar power only to function.

Wireless driveway alarm systems are usually set up with the motion sensor installed on the top of a building. This ensures that nothing will get to hinder the lens from sensing motions within its working range, and allowing the camera to capture moving objects appropriately. Sensors usually can transmit alarm signals up to a distance of four hundred meters.

Installing A Wireless Driveway Alarm

Having a driveway alarm system does not guarantee that unwanted traffic will stop from entering the property. It only provides an advance warning of an incoming traffic. Its operation and functionality are similar to those of the security devices that are installed at fast-food drive-ins.

When installing wireless driveway alarm systems, you will need only a few materials. It is easy to do and needs only a few tools, including a hammer, a screwdriver and a few batteries. The receiver needs to be set properly within the house, so that you can hear the alarm quite well. These wireless driveway alarm devices are not designed to be waterproof, however. You will also need to connect the device to a source of electric power.

The best wireless driveway alarm systems come with multiple tones, which could be set to one of these sounds – chimes, bells or short musicals. The designated tone will be audible as and when any object crosses the field of the sensor.

A wireless driveway alarm system may also be connected to the security system that may also be already installed at your property. In this case, it will be designed as a very small part of the whole driveway alarm.

The best wireless driveway alarm systems are usually packaged with videos, lights, intercoms, and also creates sounds that can be heard all over the property. Every time the sensor gets activated, it will automatically switch on the lights, thus providing additional security for the visitors and the property owners.

Choosing the Best Driveway Alarm

When looking for the best option when it comes to a driveway alarm, you may need to consider these features: the range of coverage of the device, the types of sensors, as well as the receiving options.

As there is a wide range of designs and features, opt for one that offers the best features, and also buy from a seller that extends warranty for the product that you will purchase.